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Level of Education Required-You need a Bachelor's degree or higher to become a chemist.-A Bachelor's degree takes 4 years to earn.



-Moving to bigger companies-Research strategy positions-Product development management

-Cosmetic chemists are always in high demand. Cosmetic chemists develop new cosmetics and improve old ones.-Biochemists are not in high demand. Biochemists develop new genetic tests and disease resistant crops.

$35,000-$60,000/year, depending on the type of chemistry.

Job Responsibilities

Career opportunities

Average Starting salary

Advncement Opportunitites

-You start this career as an intern, preparing chemicals but not testing them.-Some companies require a Master's degree, while some other only require a Bachelor's.-Forensic scientists don't usually work on crime scenes. They spend most of their time in a lab, analyzing evidence.

Interesting facts

-Prepare solutions and compounds for testing-Analyze organic and inorganic compounds-Improve products and equipment-Analyze test information-Confer with scientists and engineers to develop nonstandard tests and analyze research projects


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