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Physical- A change you can see in an element(same element).Chemical- A change that just happens in an element(New element).

Physical: Chemical:1.Melting 1.Burning2.Freezing 2.Rusting3.Vaporization 3.Dissolving4.Condensation 4.Mixing

Groups/Families:All the elements in the groups have the same number of valence electrons.Periods:All the elements in the same period have the same number of shells.

Metals- Shiny and melt at very hight temperaturesNon-metals- Don't conduct heatMetalloids- Their shape can easily be changed.

Group 18 on the periodic table is called the noble gasses. They are special because they all have full valance electrons.

Protons- They have a positive charge and are found inside the nucleus.Neutrons- They have no charge and are found inside the nucleus.Electrons- They have a negitive charge and are found outsid the nucleus.

He has wings on his shoes and his nickname is quick silver,Mercury

Energy level- Where electrons are held around an atom. A place in which energy is stored.

Endothermic Example- A cold pack.Exothermic Example- A hand warmer.

The Law of Conservation of Mass-Mass is neither created or destroyed in any ordinary chemical reactions.


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