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Solutions Obj: define terms as they apply to solutions and read a solubility curvesolution: a homgeneous mixturesolute: the substances that are being uniformly distributedsolvent: the substance that is doing the dissolvingsaturated: the solvent contains the maximum amount of soluteunsaturated: solvent contains less than the maximum amount of solutesupersaturated: solvent contains more than the max amount of soluteSolubility of Gases:When the temperature is raised you decrease the amount of a gas that can be dissolved. Henry's law is the solubility of a gas amd the pressure are directly related.

colligative properties: physical properties of the solvent that are changed when a solute is dissolved. The formula:T=m(#)(K)t-change in temperaturem-molality#-number of particles (ionic-criss cross, number of ions; molecular -not criss cross has 1)k-constant that depends on the solbent

What is the new boiling point of a solution that contains 50 grams of NaCl dissolved in 100 grams of water?m=8.54, #=2, k=.512T=(8.54)(2)(.512)108.74

Ionic solutions means that 1 molecule of an ionic solute will fall apart into ions, criss-cross ex. NaCl=2, MgCl2=3Molecular solutions means 1 molecule of a molecular solute stays as 1 molecule, they are always 1ex. Propane C3H8, Diphosphorus pentoxide P2O5


Calculate the formula weight of a molecular solute if 5.0 grams are added to 100.0 grams of water and the resulting soliton freezes at -3?3.0=m(1)(1.86)m=1.615.0g 1000g 1kg---------*-------*-------=31.05g100.0g 1kg 1.61m

Calculate the mass of a solute neede to prepare a .75m solution of NaOH if you use 100 g of water?.75m 40g---------------=30g1 1mole

Calculate the molality of a solutioh if 14.00 grams of CaOH2 are added to 250 g of water?14.00g *1mole/74.1g=.1889 mole250g* 1kg/1000g=.25kg.1889/.250=.755



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