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Scientific Biographies

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Chemistry Project

Joseph Priestley

March 24, 1733 - February 6, 1804Burstall, United KingdomBately Grammar School ' Daventry Academy

One famous tool he used was a burning lens, which was essentially a magnifying glass that concentrated the sun's rays. He also used jars to store experimental materials.

Priestley has been forever remembered for his discovery of the gas that would later be named "oxygen."


If Priestley had not made his discovery, we would not be able to explore space, the ocean, etc. This effects my life because I would have no knowledge of these places if it had not been for Priestley.

Without Priestley's discovery, we would not have any knowledge of how to explore space or the ocean. His discovery led to things like oxygen tanks allowing us to expand our very knowledge of the universe.


Tools / Devices

Interesting Facts

Organizations:French Academy of SciencesRoyal Society

Importance of Discovery and Relation to My Life

-Was the first person to ever observe photosynthesis in plants-Discovered the element oxygen, but did not know it-Published 150+ works-Benjamin Franklin was his scientific inspiration.-Discovered several key chemical elements.-He also invented carbonated water and rubber erasers.

Future Advances in Science as a Result of Discovery

Technological Advancements:-Eudiometer: This would have been helpful because it would have allowed him to easily measure the change in volume of gases.-Gas Tank: He could have easily stored any of the gases that he expirimented with.

He won the Copley Medal in 1772 (shown above).



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