Chemistry Lesson: Arsenic

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Chemistry Lesson: Arsenic

ARSENIC~state of matter: solid at 22 degrees C~melting/freezing point: 817.0 degrees C~boiling point: 613.0 degrees C

PropertiesPhysical: Arsenic occurs in 2 forms, a yellow form and the more common gray one. Both are crystalline (rhombohedral) and semi mietallic (meaning that they are both metals and non metals). Arsenic is also highly brittle. Chemical: Arsenic is highly toxic, one of the most deadliest poisons. It never dizzolves, and continually collects. ~It bonds with oxygen to form arsenic oxide

Atomic number:33As74.9262

Who discovered it? Well, its been known to the ancients so no one knows for sure, but credit is given to Albertos Magnus.Where was it discovered? Greece and Rome.

Where does it occur in nature?~in streams and soil~in other minerals (not in it's pure form)Arsenic is mainly obtained from ores/compounds of mispickel and orpiment.

The element's name-arsenic-is from the Greek word arsenikos and the Latin word arsenicum which both describe arsenic's toxcicity.

Arsenic Uses 1. Fireworks/pyrotechnics (color) 2. Lasers (specifically gallium arsenide) 3. POISIN (anything from insecticides to a tool used to kill people)4. Semiconductors 5. Wood preservatives (the most common use) 1. Fireworks/Pyrotechnics (coloring)2. Lasers (specifically gallium arsenide)3. POISON (from insecticides to a tool for murdering people) 4. Semiconductors 5. Wood preservatives (the most common use)

~The first known use of arsenic was in c.1250

Facts~arsenic is a member of the phosphorous family.~it condcts electricity~the US does not produce any arsenic~the most common cause of arsenic contamination is industrial pollution

Why is arsenic important? 1. small amounts are needed for life 2. it's toxcicity regulates insect/animal populations 3. is used as a treatment for a variety of diseases including syphillis and tropical illnesses. _kGmuu30


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