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Chemistry Lab



Protons: Postively charged particle, in nucleus, made of 2 up and 1 down quarksNeutrons: Neutrally charged particles, in nucleus, made of 2 down and 1 up quarksElectrons: Negatively charged particles, in nucleus, 1835 times smaller than neutrons & protons

Particile Zoo

Richard Taylor received a nobel prize for leading the discovery of quarks

Particle Accelerators

Quarks:Fundamental building blocks, used to make larger particlesQuarks in top row has +2/3 charge of electronsQuarks in bottom row has -1/3 charge of electronsParticles can only be made if the charges added up is a integer, can't have a fraction charge

Particle Periodic Table

At around 1964, scientists began to suspect protons/neutrons weren't the elementary particles.Searches to find such particles are failed.In 1967 through 1973, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Stanford Linear Accelerator Center managed to find evidence of sub-sub-atomic particles.

The machine used to discover fermions are called particle accelerators.Particle Accelerators use electromagnetic fields to propel a charged particle to nearly the spead of light than collide it, thus breaking it.Fun Fact: Particle accelerator's nickname was the "Atom Smasher".

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Stanford Linear Accelerator Center

Leptons:Six particles at bottom of particle periodic tableTop row is neutrino version of bottom rowMuon and tau have same charge, but muon is nearly 200 time heavier


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