Chemistry In Biology

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Chemistry In Biology

This chapter is about water's polarity, mixtures with water,and acids and bases.Polar molecules are molecules that have an unequal distribution of charges. Which means they have oppositely charges regions. A mixture is a combination of two or more substances in which each substance retains its individual characteristics and properties. Acids are substances that release hydrogen ions when dissolved in water. Bases, being the opposite, they release hydroxide ions instead.

Chemistry in Biology

By Emily Into

This chapter is about organic chemistry,, and macromolecules. Organic chemistry is based on the element carbon. It is the element that takes place in every living being. Life on earth is considered to be based from carbon and it is so intricate that there is an entire field in biology specifically for organic chemistry .Macromolecules are large molecules that are formed by joining smaller organic molecules together. Theses can also be called polymers.

This chapter is about atoms,elements,compounds,chemical bondsAnd Van Der Waals Forces. Atoms are the building blocks of matter, and An element is a pure substance that cannot be broken down into other substances By physical or chemical means. A compound is a pure substance formed when two Or more elements combine. Now there are two types of chemical bonds. Covalent and ionic bonds. Covalent is when electrons are shared, and ionic is when elctron are taken or stolen. Finally Van Der Waals forces. It is a theory and It is when molecules close together,the attractive forces between the negative and the positive regions pull on the molecules and hold them together.

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Chapter 6.1

Chapter 6.2

This chapter is about reactants, products, energy of reactions,and enzymes.Reactants are starting substances and products are the substances formed during the reaction.Energy of reactions are based on something called Activation energy. Activation energy is the minimum amount of energy needed for reactants to form products in a chemical reaction.

Chapter 6.3

Chapter 6.4


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