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Chemists can earn from 35k-135k a year. This pay range depends on a few different variables. If you are a more experienced chemist the more money you will make. A chemists salary may also vary depending on who they work for.

You need to go to university to become a chemist. In university you should aim to get a bachelor of science degree in chemistry. If you want to become involved in academic positions, advanced research, or development jobs you need a masters degree or a PhD.

I want to become a chemist because i am very interested in how chemicals react to each other and at different temperatures.

To go to university and become a chemist you need to have an Ontario Secondary School Diploma with these following courses: English, Advanced Functions, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.

Work with chemicals can be dangerous so chemists must always follow saftey precautions

Two websites that you can go to to learn more about chemistry and that showcase the merits of some chemists are Ryerson: and ACS Chemistry for Life:

Chemists study chemicals, how they react with each other, and how they change.

There are a few catholic virtues that would enhance a chemist's success. The first is Hope. This catholic virtue will enhance a chemist's success because they need to have hope that they will eventually find the right solution. The second is Fortitude. This virtue will enhance a chemist's success because they need to have strength and courage to perservere through times were it seems impossible to find the right solution.

I have two characteristic traits that i feel connect me to a chemist. The first trait is that i am a perfectionist. I feel that this trait connects me to becoming a chemist because if chemists get one part of their formula wrong then there solution will not work as expected. The second trait that i have that connects me to a chemist is that i am neat and precise.

The websites that i used to create this Glog are and career


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