Chemical Warfare in WWI (by teachersam)

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Social Studies
World War I

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Chemical Warfare in WWI (by teachersam)

Chemical Warfare in WWI By: Sam Hixson

On Right: Video about chemical warfare including clips from the History Channel.Below: A narrated video looking at chemical warfare as it evloved over the course of WWI.

Top Right:The death rate of poison gas was 4% compared to combat deaths, but it was still the most feared way to die.Middle:A Canadian soldier suffering from Mustard Gas burns.Below:American troops wearing gas masks during World War I. The soldier at left, unable to get his mask on in time, clutches his throat as he breathes in the poisonous gas.

On left: A photo of all the various types of gas masks used on the Western Front in WWI. On Right: Video about the Gas Mask and Chemical Warfare Training 1918 WWI US Army. Below: Mustard Gas effects on skin.

A photo collection of chemical warfare during WWI.




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