Chemical Reactions

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Chemical Reactions

Synthesis: 2H2+O2=2H2ODecomposititon: 2H2O=2H2+O2Combustion:C2H2+02=2CO2+3H20(H=Hydrogen O=Oxygen C=Carbon)

Chemical Reactions

Synthesis: a new compound formed by reactants combining.

Decomposition: a product that is in the process of breaking down



Combustion: none of the the equations are balanced and one reaction is always oxygen.

by: Garrett Donnelly due: March 6th 2015.

Video Learn how Synthesis works


Color Change, Formation of a precipitate, Formation of a Gas, Temperature Change.



You know you have an exothermic reaction when energy is released by light or heat.

You know you have an endothermic reaction when energy is absorbed by heat.

Water is one of the many products of Synthesis. The freezing point of water is 32 degrees fahrenheit; or 0 degrees celcius. The boiling point is 212 degrees fahrenheit; or 180 degrees celcius. The density of water is about one(999.97 kg/m cubed). Water is obviously a liquid. Water is formed from hydrogen combining with oxygen(2H2+O2-->2H2O). Lastly, water is a convalent bond. 2H2+O2 is a gas and 2H2O is a liquid.

Different types of Chemical Reactions:1. Synthesis2. Decomposition 3. Combustion

Physical and Chemical properties of Water


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