Chemical Erosion by Brandan

by misslegacy
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Chemical Erosion by Brandan

Erosion: When particles weathered from rocks are carried away.

Chemical Erosion

Weathering:When rocks are worn down by wather,wind,or other means,including chemicals.

My hipthesis is that I predict that the rocks will look different. They will change because of chemical weathering.

Supplies:SandstoneLimestoneQuartzite3 - JarsVinegar

Sample Number Type Length (Before) Length (After)#1 Sandstone 3-1/2 inches 3-1/2 inches#2 Limestone 1-1/2 inches 1-1/2 inches#3 Quartzite 1 inch 1 inch

Conclusion:After 1 week of my rocks soaking in vinegar, there was not any chane. All the rocks stayed the same. I determined that the place I got the rocks from, gave me the wrong kinds. Based on my experiment, my hypothesis was disproved.



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