Chemical Engineering: Air & Water Quality

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Chemical Engineering: Air & Water Quality

Chemical Engineering:Air & Water Quality

Chemical engineers use chemistry to design processes and create materials and technologies that are used everyday. They can work in fields such as environmental engineering. For example, some engineers might work to ensure the safety and quality of water and air, two resources that are essential to life.

What are air and water quality engineers?

By Isabella EclipseEngineer Your World

Chemical engineers who work with air and water quality help to save lives and clean the environment. In their jobs, they might: - Create products such as filters to prevent or clean up water or air pollution (car emissions, oil spills, etc.) - Design processes or devices to test for dangerous chemicals in air or water- Develop technologies to treat waste and desalinize seawater for human use

What do they do?

Yale engineering students working in a small village in Nicaragua test water for chlorine and make sure the filters are working properly.

Another engineering student from Yale tests the air quality inside a Nicaraguan home.

The Perth Seawater Plant uses desalination membrane processes to convert seawater to drinkable water.

Professor Akua Asa-Awuku works at UCR doing chemical engineering research on air quality in a large atmospheric chamber.

Project: This video shows a example of a system that chemical engineers have invented to improve water quality.


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