[2015] Aubrey Sandler: Chemical Engineering

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[2015] Aubrey Sandler: Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering!

chemical engineers rely on their knowledge of S.T.E.M. to overcome technical problems safely and economically.

Enineering would have a huge impact on my life if I choose to pursue it. Not only would it become a way to financhially support myself, I would learn new things about they world I live in every day.

What is Chemical Engineering?Chemical Engineering is the branch of engineering concerned with the design and operation of industrial chemical plants, which is something that afftects everyone in one way or another.

Michelle is a real life Chemical Engineer that uses her S.T.E.M. knoiwledge to create new drinks for companies like starbucks!

Where do they work?Chemical Engineers are in high demand because of all the industries in which they can work. This is one reson I would pursue this career. They can work in industries like pharmisuticals, foods, chemicals, and manufacturing industries. Saftey and enviromental industries also hire chemical engineers.

In order to become a Chemical engineer, a bachelor's degree in chemical engineering is needed for an entry-level job, but for advanced positions, a master's or doctoral degree is needed and expected.

What education is needed?

The work of a chemical engineer!

How would this career affect my life?

A chemical Engineer at work in a lab!

Due to chemical engineers, we have hypoalergenic makeup, and other usefull products like fleece made from recycled plastic.

Michelle Gass!

By: Aubrey Sandler


As a chemical Engineer, the average starting salary is$65,618 a year, but salaries can range above numbers in the $150,000's.

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