Chemical Engineer

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Chemical Engineer

Where do Chemical Engineers Work?Chemical Engineers work in a lab most of the time. Where they get a higher salary though is working the city.Work Environment About this sectionArchitectural, engineering, and related services17%Basic chemical manufacturing 13%Scientific research and development services10%Resin, synthetic rubber, and artificial synthetic fibers and filaments manufacturing 6%Petroleum and coal products manufacturing 6%

What is a Chemical Engineer?Chemical engineering is a type of engineering that applies physical sciences and life sciences together. It applies mathematics as well as economics to create, transform, transport, correctly use chemicals, materials and energy.

Chemical Engineer

What is a Chemical Engineers Average Salary In May of 2011 the annual salary in Texas was for Chemical Engineering was $115, 870. Where you get the most money doing Chemical Engineering is in Alaska and you earn $135,670 dollars per year. This was because of the big Oil Industry.Sources



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