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Chemical Element

Pantothenic AcidsTyrese Blue &Andrea Herrera

3 good sources of pantothenic acids!!!1.Mushrooms in general is the best food source to improve your b5 levels2.Eggs are really good source of protein.The best way to receive the benefits of vitamin b5 in eggs is to eat them hardboiled or scrambled 3.The top oily fish that contain the most vitamin b5 are rainbow trout,wild salmon, salmon and tuna

AT A GLANCE: 3 Good Sources of Pantothenic Acids1.Shitake Mushrooms contain over 100 grams 2.Cooked Eggs contain 0.70mg or 7%DV(daily value )vitamin b53.Oily fish Provides 22%DV of vitamin B5

How much do we needinfants 6 to 12 months need 1.8mg (Miligram)children from 1 to 3 of age require 2mg children from 4 to 8 years of age require 3mgchildren from 9 to 13 years of age require 4mgAdults 14 and older require 7 mg

Side effects of consuming to much!!!Side effects are rare but do occur. Diarhea will occur at worst. However people with panic disorder who take a large amount of b5 can suffer from symtoms such as fatigue, insomia, depression, irrability, burning feet and upper respiratory infections

Why pantothenic acid is good for you!!!It's known for treating mental disorders such as anxiety and chronic stress.It helps improve the production of transmitters in your brain.It can also boost immunitiesIt can also increase your resistance against infections skin disorder, manage diabetes and lower your cholestorel.


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