Chemical Element: Oxygen

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Chemical Elements

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Chemical Element: Oxygen

OxygenSymbol: O

More Facts-Most common form is gas.- Originated from the Greek word oxus meaning acid.- It is the 3rd most abundant element in the universe.- Makes up 49% of Earths Crust- The atmosphere is 20.95% oxygen

Oxygen was discovered and published in 1774 by Joseph Priestley in England. It was earlier discovered by Carl Scheele in England, but his work was never published

InformfationAtomic Number: 8Atomic Mass: 15.999Protons: 8Neutron: 8Electrons:8UsesOxygen is used for welding, medicine, and oxygen masks.


Rare FactOxygen does not burn. If oxygen were to burn, striking a match would be enough to burn all of the oxygen out of Earth's atmosphere.

Compounds and Uses- Oxides: used for its hardness and strength - Oxygen Difluride: used as an oxidizer for rocket fuel


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