Chemical Element Lithium Project Ryan Thompson

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Chemical Elements

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Chemical Element Lithium Project Ryan Thompson

Atomic Number:3Atomic Mass: 6.941Melting Point: 357oFBoiling Point:2,447oFNumber of Protons/Electrons:3 Number of Neutrons: 4Classification: Group 1, Alkali MetalsColor: Silvery-white soft metal

ELEMENTLithiumSymbol: Li

Facts- Lithium is a soft silvery-white colored metal and is in group one of the alkali metals and is said to be one of the lightest of the alkali elements.- Lithium can be toxic but not in small doses- Lithium was found in minerals while the other alkali metals were found in plant materials.- Lithium being found in stone gave it its name from greek 'Lithos' is greek for stone.- Lithium combines with one oxygen atom to form Lithium Oxide.

PUNWORD MADE OF ELEMENTSWhat Do You Get When You Make A Machine Of Hellium Lithium Cobalt Platinum And Erbuim?HeLiCoPtErHe-HelliumLi-LithiumCo-CobaltPt-PlatinumEr-Erbium

COMMON USESCommonly used in rechargeable batteries for phones, computers, and etc.Also commonly used in medicine it is a medication that you take and it acts on the nerves in the brain and changes the way you act.Lithium iis also used in air conditioning.Lithium can be found in rocks and soil.

DISCOVERYLithium was discovered by Johan Arfvedson in 1817, in Stockholm, Sweden.


Atomic Structure

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COMPOUNDS-Lithium Floride (LiF)Is used as a flux in the production of ceramics such as enamels, glasses, and glazes.Is also used in brazing and welding fluxes and molten salt chemistry metallurgy.- Lithium Iodine (LiI)Is used as an electrolyte for high temperature batteries.Is also used for long lasting life batteries.- Lithium Chloride (LiCl)Is used as the production of lithium metals.Is also used as a desiccant used for drying air streams.


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