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Chemistry Atom History Glog

Glog Requirements*All sites, images, videos, etc. used MUST include a detailed explanation of both the item and why you chose it*(3) Links to valid sites - (2) on the scientific topic, (1) on the historical; links are not sources.(4) images - (1) must be related to the History addressed(2) videos OR (1) video and (1) animation - at least one MUST be on the scientific concept

All current knowledge of the Atom is based on years of experiment and study. In this glog, you are limited to the early stages in this search, but anyone in the prezi is up for grabs.Your purpose with this glog is to tell a story (yes, a story, just like in elementary; & your in secondary now, so....) Your story should have a beginning (maybe a bit about your scientist and how they started/became interested in the atom), a middle (meaning conflict/tension: what opposition did the scientist face, what difficulties in experimentation), and an end (how did their efforts change science). It should go without stating, but make sure the actual experiment is discussed in your story. And, provide context to your story, historical context (what political, societal issues occuring were making history and influencing the times of your discovery/experiment).

Chemistry's Rock Stars

Rutherford & Dalton

Thomson & Lavoisier

Animation of Rutherford's gold foil experiment

Student generated take on the History of the Atom

This is how the atomic nucleus was discovered

Millikan & Chadwick

Bequerel & Paracelsus


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