Chem Reflection

by NicholasKoh
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Chem Reflection


I was also surprised to find out that that physical experiments were carried out by scientists to prove their theories. It surprised me because I always thought that their theories were derived from deep thinking and theoratical experiments.

I was surprised to find out that atoms and sub-atomic particles were made up of even smaller particles such as quarks. I had thought that atoms were the smallest particles. Apparently I was wrong .

Unanswered Queries

Why do electrons spin around the core of an atom instead of doing something otherwise?

If atoms cannot be created or destroyed, does the number of atoms in the universe ever change?

Difficulties Faced

At the start of my chem-journal I did not know much about atoms. Hence I had great difficulty explaining certain topics. However I did some detailed research and reading and now I know more about atoms and the atomic theories.

Similar to my bio-journal, there was very little information available. Hence I widened my research not just to the internet but also other relavant books. This enabled me to gather sufficient information on the topic and I was very pleased.

There was also a time constraint to complete the chem-journal. I believe that most people have had this problem because the chem-journal clashes with our tests during the the test period.

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