chem reflection 2

by NicholasKoh
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chem reflection 2

Reflection(part two)

Personal Responses

Applications and Lessons Learnt

I feel that it is very meaningful for scientists to research on all these unanswered queries and I feel that we should thank them because without their various contributions and discoveries, we would not have the advanced technology and knowledge that we have today.

The knowledge I have gained will help me substantially in the future. It will also help me to better grasp the chemistry topics when they are being taught.

I now have a better understanding of how atoms behave and what their nature is like. I now feel a little more confident about chemistry and I think that this learning journal has helped me a lot

When I found out how the scientists worked day and night to solve the phenomenon and come up with theories, as well as carrying out experiments, I was touched by their determination and discipline. I realized that all of us are taking our textbooks and notes for granted because all the information in there was somebody's hard work.

Information which Strongly Affected Me


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