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What is Matter?Anything that has mass, occupies space (has volume) and stimulates our senses, is called matter. Modern-day scientists classify matter on the basis of physical and chemical properties-a) Solid, liquid and gaseous (based on physical properties)b) Elements, compounds and mixtures (based on chemical properties)Note: Matter is particulate (made up of particles) in nature.


1) What is Matter?2) Characteristics of particles of matter3) States of matter 4) What is Evaporation?

1) Particles of matter have space between them.2) Particles of matter are in continuous random motion.3) Particles of matter are very small.4) Particles of matter attract each other.


"Matter in our surroundings"

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Characteristics of particles of matter

1) Solids: have definite shape, fixed volumes, negligible compressibility, rigid.2) Liquids: no fixed shape, definite volumes, fluid.3) Gaseous: no fixed shape and volume, highly compressible, fluid.

States of Matter

The phenomenon of change of a liquid into its vapour at any temperature below its boiling point and without the external source of heat is called evaporation.Factors affecting the rate of evaporation:Have a look at this video!!


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