Chem glog 1

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Chem glog 1

Model of a solid matter.Note that the particles are closely packed together.Showing that it has a definite shape and volume.

Everything around us is made of matter but there is 4 different types of matter:solid,liquid,gas and plasma.

Particulate Model of Matter

Matter is made from molecules which is made of atoms which are in turn made from protons and electrons.

The molecules of the solid matter are held together by an attracting force and hence can only vibrate or rotate as they cannot move freely giving its definite shape and volume but also shows that it cannnot be compressed due to the tightly packed molecules.

A diagram of liquid matter.The molecules are spaced far apart showing it does not have a definite shape as it follows the container's shape it is in.But it has a definite volume and cannot be compressed like a solid but flows like gas.

Diagram of gaseous matter.Note that it shows that the molecules are constantly moving away from each other with large spaces in between each particle showing that it can flow and compressed and has no shape.

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