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Chef Grant Achatz

- In 2003 Achatz won "Rising Star Chef of the Year Award" - In 2008 he won "Best Chef in the United States" - In 2007 his first resturant, Aviary was awarded 5 stars. His resturant is ranked #36 of 50 in the world.- He got diagonoised with stage 4 nonmetastatic toungue cancer, but he is now cancer free. - His most famous dish is Black Truffle explosion.

His Book:

First Grant went to The culinary Institute of America, for schooling. Then he studied under a chef named Thomas Keller at his resturant, The French Laudry.

Famous Chef

Chef: Grant Achatz

Both of Grant Achatz's parents were chefs. They owned a resturant in St. Clair, Michigan, where he worked when he was younger.

Black Truffle Explosion

Working at Trio, a resturant in Chicago, where he was named best new chef in 2002.

What made him famous?

Interesting Facts:

His Resturants:

- Aviary- Next


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