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Cheetah; where hav they have gone?

The cheetah eats gsazel, zebras, impala, and etc.

The cheetah lives in East Africa.

Where they live?

Cheetahs are becoming endangered because there habitats are diminishing. Illegal poaching is occuring. Also a very sad reason, for fur trades. The cheetahs fur has a very beautiful pattern so many people kills this innocent creature to trade fur. There are also alot of hunting going on. There are only 5,000 to 15,000 that remains in the wild. Not counting cheetahs in zoos.

What do the cheetahs eat?

Why are cheetahs endangered?

The cheetahs region is located in Namibia, and the natural habitat for these beautiful cats is the grasslands of Savanna, Africa.

The cheetahs are being preserved in zoos. The Namibia- based Organization Cheetah Conservation fund has been educating farmers adn hunters on the rapid decline and how to stop it, trying to push the legislature to prohibit poaching of cheeta. STOP invading there land. We need to learn to respect and care for the wildlife before they are gone forever! Give them back the land they need !!

What is being done to prevent the cheetahs from becoming extinct?

Why let such a beautiful animal become extinct?

Look how beautiful they are!



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