[2014] Sean M (Ms Vashisht): Cheetahs

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[2014] Sean M (Ms Vashisht): Cheetahs

Habitat DescriptionCheetahs live in Africa, Iran and some parts of India. They tend to live in Savanahs or bushlands. It lives in deserts too. Some cheetahs still survive in rocky mountains. They like to live in wide areas.

AdaptationsA cheetah has long legs and flexible back bones that allow them to gallop like horses,with all four legs at a time. Cheetahs have super sharp eye sight to catch prey.They also have an excellent sense of smell.


Food ChainA cheetah is a carnivore. It eats thomson's gazelle, the springbok impala and blesbok. The cheetah's hunt by vision not by scent. Cheetahs bites their prey in the neck. The predators are lions, leopards and hyenas.

Human ImpactsHumans have big impacts on cheetahs. Humans have affected their life by building roads, villages and they hunt cheetahs which decreases the number of cheetahs. Sometimes humans destroy their habitat to have more space to build things. This affects animal habitats.

Cheetah DescriptionA Cheetahs chest is very deep. The adult cheetahs weigh about 71kg. Their tail has a bushy tuff and the tail is about 60 to 84 cm long. Cheetahs only purr they don't roar. During a chase cheetahs take 60 to 150 breaths per minute. A cheetahs fur is brownish gold. A cheetah has spots all over it's body to help it camouflage.


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