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Cons of having fast-twitch muscle fibers:*They get tired very easily*Use a lot of energy* Not able to run for long distances.

How fast can a cheetah run? The cheetah can run up to 65-75 miles per hour within as little as 3 seconds(Steven 2007). Can cheetah's run for a long period of time?No, a cheetah does not have enough energy or endurance to run for a long time. They are better at short distances(Quinn 2012).

Built for Speed

What makes the cheetah fast?The cheetah's mucular system is the reason why they run so fast. Their long, slender legs, small head, deep chest, and special pads on their feet for a good grip all contribute to the cheetah's ability to run fast (Linton 2007).

Pros of having fast-twitch muscle fibers:*Better at sprinting* Faster leg movement*Better at catching prey than animals with slow-twitch muscle fibers.

Interesting facts:* The adult Cheetah's weight varies from 79-140 pounds. * Their length can be anywhere between 45-53 inches, and the tail can measure up to 33 inches. * The height of a Cheetah can get up to 35 inches. * During a chase of their prey, the respiratory rate can range from 60-150 breaths per minute.

What are the cheetah's predators?Lions, hyennas, and leopards are usually the animals to kill the cheetahs cubs.Are cheetah's endangered?Yes, there is only about 10,000 cheetah's left in the world today(Cheetah Conservation Fund)



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