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Cheese was discovered around 8000BC and was first made by accident when milk separated into curds and whey. The first cheese factory was opened in Switzerland in 1815 and now there are thousands of cheese factories in the world. Cheese is so old it existed before written language did and it is made of milk from cows, sheep, horses, goats, buffaloes and even camels! The 'holes' in Swiss cheese used to be seen as a sign of imperfection and cheese makers tried to avoid them.

Fun Facts!

Cheese takes up 1/10 of the weight of milk put into it.Some cheeses are illegal in the United States.People started dying cheese orange in the 17th century to fool people that it is higher quality.A 2005 study found that eating cheese 30 minutes before bed improves your sleep.The heaviest cheese ever produced weighed 1,119.91 kg.People who love cheese are called turophiles.

There are over 2,000 types of cheeses in the world and experts say there are around 1,000 french cheeses. You can find different types of cheeses like hard cheese, soft cheese, cream cheese and processed. Different cheeses range from yellows to oranges and some cheeses are blue like blue cheese and goats cheese.

Most people like cheese and cheese gets put into different foods like pastries, soups, burgers, pizza, sandwiches, salad, Mexican dishes and many sauces. Cheeses also get put into many platters and normally get eaten with quince, grapes and dried fruits.

The countries that eat cheese the most are France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland and the United States and different cheese festivals get held around the world.

Photo of the fist cheese factory, Switzerland 1815