Checks and Balances

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Checks and Balances

Checks and Balances

President Obama Vetos BillBarack Obama on Tuesday rejected legislation that would have scrapped a National Labor Relations Board rule streamlining union-organizing elections, his fourth veto since taking office and his second since Republicans gained full control of Congress. Obama’s veto of the resolution was a blow to Republicans and business groups, and a victory for Democrats and unions. The House and Senate passed the resolution in March in largely partisan votes.

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“Because this resolution seeks to undermine a streamlined democratic process that allows American workers to freely choose to make their voices heard, I cannot support it.”

This is an example of checks and balances because Congress passes a bill that is not very popular and barely gets enough votes to pass. The President exercises veto power to reject the bill. Congress must then try and get enough votes to override the presidential veto, which is unlikely because it was so narrowly passed in the first place. It shows that not one part of government has too much power, it breaks up the parts evenly.

By: Jillian Lazzopina and Breann Campbell


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