Checks and Balances

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African-American History

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Checks and Balances

Brown v. Board of EducationIn 1951 and 1952, an African American family filed a civil lawsuit against the Board of Education of Topeka, Kansas

How It RelatesThe Supreme Court ruled a law enforced by states and Congress unconstitutional, showing that each branch must stay in "check." This decision showed the balance of the branches, as one cannot have too much power, while starting a movement that would lead to decisions that would change society forever. This process within the concept of Checks and Balances is known as a Judicial Review.

Checks and Balances

Brown v. Board of EducationThe claim was that the children of the African American family were rejected to go to a closer school, which was a "white school." They claimed that this was unjust and was a violation of their rights.

Brown v. Board of EducationFInally, the Supreme Court ruled 9-0 that the prior term "seperate but equal" claim was unconstitional, in addition to the actions of the school and many across the country unjust and unconstitutional.

Brown v. Board of EducationThis sparked debate throughout the country, with people calling for change and naming the case an injustice. Civil rights activists emerged, and a movement was beginning to change the United States.

In the Brown v. Board of Education Case

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