[2014] Benkhoury: Checks and Balances

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[2014] Benkhoury: Checks and Balances

Checks and Balancs is the policy that make sures laws are made right fully and fair. It is a system made up of 3 government branches, the legislative, executive, and also judicial. Laws are started of being made by the legislative branch where they vote on a bill that is then looked by and sent out ot the executive branch. This is when the president eother agrees with or denies/vetos the bill to eiter make it a law or not for out country. Even if the president denies the law, the legislative branch can make it a law if they can gain enough votes to do so. Once the law has been placed, we the people can challlenge it again throught the judicial branch and then if the legislative branch disagrees the proccess starts all over.

Legislatice & Judicial

Power to veto and submit laws from the legislative branch, and can also submit the Federal Budget to the House of Representatives. For the Judicial branch they can also nominate the judges for Supreme Court and Federal Court.

Legislative - The Congress has trhe abillity to overide the Exective branch with 2/3 votes and can remove the president in the execitive branch. For the judicial branch, congress and create a lower court and the senate can reject nominees.Judicial - Supreme Court can review laws made by the executive branch and also their powers on to rule president actions and rule treaties.

Lasting Impact

It helps contorls each branches powers and keeps are country at equal in power.


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Check & Balancesby: Ben Khoury per.6






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