Checkerspot Butterfly

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Checkerspot Butterfly

Habitat Links

Baltimore Checkerspot feeding at a Coneflower

Checkerspot Background

Baltimore Checkerspot Project

Baltimore Checkerspot Restoration Project of Maryland: Checkerspot Fact Sheet

Facts: Habitat, Diet, Reproduction, Behavior

Life Cycle and Background

Maryland State Insect Info/History

Classification/Taxonomy and Images

Species Detail

Euphydryas phaeton

White Turtlehead Plants

Creating a Wild Habitat for Butterflies

Map and Images

Wetland Habitat Needs

Black Hill Regional Park

Montgomery County Parks

Growing Tips

Cabin John Regional Park

Brookside Gardens

Habitat Restoration

Little Bennett Regional Park

Rock Creek Regional Park

Wheaton Regional Park

Design & Cost Analysis

Shady Gardens Nursery

Meadowbrook Nursery

Home Depot Garden Center

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