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Social Studies

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No one really knows the catch behind a store's sales. When catching your favorite item on a huge discount you dont know what you're really losing by saving. the lost behind saving can be loses that dont effect you until you meet the finish line knocking you back to the beginning. the small idea of discount saving can change the world around by the hands of an extra dollar.

being cheap does not always matter, do not be the cause of economic shatter

"Americans came to understand spending as a form of citizenship, an important ritual of national identity." Cheap-page 21Ellen Ruppel Shell

"As individuals and as a nation we can turn our attention to what matters, secure in knowledge that what matter has never been and will never be cheap."Cheap-page 232

"These games, like all games, are about winning. and with discounts everyone feels like a winner no matter how much they lose."Cheap- page 87

Don't be afraid to pay full dollar, embracing cheap kills our scholars

CHEAPThe High Cost Of Discount Nation

The reasoning behind choosing the information presented is this globster comes back to one central point. The central idea expressed in the book Cheap. the idea that things are cheap for a reason and behind every discount there is a negative consequence that always doesnt affect us in the beginning. It either effects others immediatly or all of us in the long run. An example would be economic downfall.

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