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Chase Cordova Colorado


The avarage climate is High 54degreesLow 12 degrees1 mile above sea level

This is the footbal team in Colorado

Facts- Colorado's population is 5.356 million - Colorado's State Capital is Denver - Colorado's State flower is a Rocky Mountain Columbine- Colorado's State tree is the Blue Spruce

More Facts - Colorado's State bird is the Lark Bunting- Colorado's 5 star restaurants arePenrose Room, Blue Star, and the Moon Star 2 Chinese Restaurant

Even More Facts- Colorado's leading products are dairy, corn, and grains- The U.S, Airforce Academy is located in Colorado Springs- Colorado has the largest flat top mountain- Grand Mesa

More Facts - Colorado's state insect is the Hairstrak Butterfly- Colorado's state song is '' Where the Columbines Grow''- Colorado's state gem is the aquamarine- Colorado's State dance is the Square Dance

Cave Of The WindsCave Of The Winds is a cave in the Pikes Peak region of Colorado . Cave of the Winds is a natraul cave behind Bridal Veil Falls.

DenverThe City and County Denver is the capital of Colorado. Colorado was founded as a Mining Town in 1858. It is known as the Mile High City because it is about 5280 feet above sea level.

Mesa Verde Mesa Verde is a National Park in Colorado. The Ancestral PuebloPeople who lived there for more than 700 years.

If I could get anything from Colorado it would be a Jackalope

Molly Brown's HouseMolly Brown was one of the passengers on the Titanic. Molly Brown was a survivor on the Titanic and often called the Unsinkable Molly Brown.

Buffalo BillWilliam Frederick Cody known as Buffalo Bill was famous for his Wild West Show which included the sharpshooter Annie Oakley. He was also an amazing buffalo hunter.

Dazziling FoodElethces Not alot of RainVery sunnyEntertainmentRocky Mountains


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