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DESIGN BRIEF:Problem: We humans emit so much carbon into the atmosphere.Solution: The Hungry Ocean project will reproduce Plankton more quickly striking a blow in Global Warming. Also the Plankton absorb C02.

HYPOTHETICAL TEST: 1. The first thing you could test with Hungry Ocean is strength and durability of the machine. You would test this by putting the machine in rough waters. It passes the test if it doesn't break and fall apart.2. Next, you could test if the tubes would allow the water to pass through regularly without getting clogged. You would test this by sucking up as much water as possible and making sure that the water passes through. It passes the test if the water can come through without getting clogged.3. Another way we can test the Hungry Ocean machine is seeing how quickly the Plankton reproduce. You would test this by sucking high nutrient waters and seeing how fast the Plankton bloom. It passes the test if there's twice the amount of Plankton than there was before.4. The fourth way you could test this machine is by seeing exactly how much Plankton take carbon with them when they die. You would test this by seeing how much carbon is in the air when they're alive and when they die if the percentage of carbon goes any higher. It passes the test if the percentage doesn't fo any higher.5. Finally, the last thing you could test with this machine is how much high nutrient water gets sucked up from the bottom of the ocean to help reproduce th Plankton. You would test this by seeing how effectively the Plankton rid the atmosphere of C02. It passes the test if all of the Plankton are working effectively.

DESIGN SPECS: 1. Machine that's durable enough to withstand rough waves at the surface of the ocean.2. Tubes made of strong plastic that collect high nutrient waters fom the bottom of the ocean.3. As the Buoys' rise and fall against the waters currents, lots of water will be sucked up the tubes providing a steady diet of ocean fertilizer turbo charging Plankton growth.4. There's a hole at the top of the tube that allows the water to the surface.5. When the Plankton die off, a hefty percentage of them take the carbon with them to the bottom of the ocean.

RELEVENCE: I'm doing HUNGRY OCEAN. My relevance is the same

WORKS CITED: I'm doing my second machine. My works cited is the same.

DESCRIBING MACHINE: The name of my second invention is called Hungry Ocean. It uses pumps that stretch 1,000 feet into any ocean. The experiment is going to take place in the Pacific Ocean though. Basically th teams goal is to get high nutrient waters up from the bottom of the ocean to the surface to help reproduce the plankton more quickly. Like all plants, Plankton absorbs C02. Here in the Pacific Ocean, a cup of water holds a quarter of a billion Plankton. Buoys' would be scattered all over the Pacific holding pumps like the ones that i just described.



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