Charter Schools

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Charter Schools

Charter Schoolsby Nikki Procino

•The concept of Charter schools in the U.S. began to blossom in the 1980s.•The first charter school model was created in early 1990 by a small group of educators and policymakers.•Some of the driving ideas behind Charter schools were accountability and choice.•In 1991, Minnesota became the first state to pass charter school law. They opened the first charter school in 1992.•In 2000,the first online charter school starts classes.•As of March 2015, 43 states and the District of Columbia have authorized public school charters.

•Charter schools usually have smaller class sizes than most other public schools.•Classrooms are often non-traditional •From 2000 to 2010 the number of children attending public charter schools more than quadrupled.•Charter schools are held accountable for their students success.•Charter schools enroll more students of color and low-income students than traditional public schools.•Charter schools receive less public funding than public schools do.



History of Charter Schools

What is a Charter School?


Year Charter School Law Was Enacted: 1998Estimated Number of Public Charter Schools in 2013-14: 38Estimated Number of Public Charter School Students in 2013-14: 19,439



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