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Charrlotte doyle

SettingThe first place Charrlet Doyle was taken place in Britain when Charrlet was a nice clean inosent girl who wouldn’t cause harm to anybody else. The second place was on a ship when charrlet has to ride on her dad’s ship to the United States to meet him. Charrlet had to go through a series on good and bad events while her time on the ship with Captin Jaggery, Zachariya, and grimes. The third setting is arriving in the United States of America and having to stay at her house, while her parents are wondering what happened to her.

Plot SummaryA proper little girl name Charlotte Doyle was going back to Rhode Island from Liverpool, England where her school was to come back home. On her way back she was suppose to go back with all the other families but failed to appear, so Charlotte finds her self going on a boat named the seahawk being the only passanger on there. When Charlotte first gets on a ship a black person name zachariah tells Charlotte that these a conflict between the crew and the captain so stay alert. While Charlottes on the boat she establishes a good relationship with the captain Jaggery. Captain jaggery tells charlotte to spy on the crew. While charlottes spying captain jaggery later on become scared and orders the crew betalong and the rops are being broken and cut, but this is a rope that need to be cut and the crew sends charlotte to to cut it, and she did so she redeamed her self back to the crew.At the end of the hurricane charlotte attempts to take captain jaggerys musket, but when she gets there she finds captain jaggery there waiting. Captain jaggery says hes going to blame Charlotte for the killing of Mr. Hollybrass cause he didn’t want to loose his jobs. He tells her she had three choices. Charlotte refused to take the choices and runs; captain jaggery runs after he and while he is about to catch her the boat hits a bump and the Captain Jaggery falls off the boat to his death.

Main ThemeThe main theme to me is to always be on time to everything you do because if Charlotte would on never of been late to the ship that she was suppose togo with to go back home nun of these problems that happened on the Seahawk would of never happened. Also never become an alli with people that you whos going to be a problem later on; when zachariah said that they had a conflict between the captain and the crew that should of set of an alarm that some thing going to happen.

ConflictThe conflict in the novel is between the crew and Charlotte vs Cpatain jaggery. The conflict is about when Mr. Hollybrass and Captain Jaggery when captaqin jaggery is mad at Mr. Hollybrass for driving the ship into the hurricane. So soon on Captain Jaggery kills Mr. Hollybrass. Another conflict is when Captain Jaggery shoots Mr. Cranick who before had a grudge on him for cutting his arm off.

RecomondationI would recommend this novel to people who are inteprested in adventure books, and like to read about danger. To me personally I thought that the book was okay, I wouldn’t recomond this book to the people who are athletic or who are into action. The book is interesting though, but the book has a little action but not much to satisfy some people. Like when Charlotte has to climb this wing that was good, but on the other side when they get to Rhode island and alll that hugging and stuff gets pretty boring.

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