Charlotte's Fractions

by SM4M1
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Charlotte's Fractions


By Charlotte Bunn

IMPROPER FRACTIONSImproper fractions are fractions that have the numerator greater than or equal to the denominator.

IN THE REAL WORLDIn the real world fractions can be used in many places. For examle, if you were having a party and you invited 10 people to come, you would have to make 10 lollie bags. If you had 60 lollies, you culd use the fraction 60/10 to work out they get 6 lollies each.(10%)

EQUIVALENT FRACTIONSEquivalent fractions are fractions that re the same thig but written differently. For example 1/2 is equivalent to 2/4 and 4/8.

THE NUMERATOR AND DENOMINATORThe numerator is the number on the top of the line which is there to indicate the number of parts of the whole.The denominator is the number on the bottom that shows what fraction the whole is going to be divided by.

PROPER FRACTIONSProper fractions are when the numerator has less value to the denominator.

My Pizza = 1/8



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