Charlotte Observer or a newspaper

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Charlotte Observer or a newspaper

During writing time the students in Ms.Passe's class have been learning about newspapers.

The reson we have been on a newspaper unit is because of two things:1. We are going to the Charlotte Observer2. We now have a class newspaper!

An editor uses these for his or her beginning draft. This is very important. This lets the publisher read what the editor is going to write. It also lets the editor make sure he or she knows what they are going to write.

Then when the publisher has seen your beginning draft you can start to type it. This is what your story or articale is going to say. So once you have typed your article or story you are ready to print, after your editor has seen what you wrote once again!

Now your newspaper is ready for the world to see! People will be paying for what YOU wrote! I also bet your parent's would be so proud!



And don't forget we are going on a fieldtrip to the Charlotte Observer on 11/9/10!



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