[2015] Dylan Estes (Prior Block 1/2 14-15, All Blocks 14-15): Charlotte Doyle Dylan

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[2015] Dylan Estes (Prior Block 1/2 14-15, All Blocks 14-15): Charlotte Doyle Dylan

My explinationCharlotte and Zachariah are both different, so being different is something they have in common. If they are friends they could find more things in common besides that, but Charlotte won’t listen to Zachariah because he is below. Also she is denying everything he says, like saying they don’t have any thing in common, yet they really do. She is just trying to deny the facts and evidence that she and Zachariah have anything in common. Charlotte would much rather have things in common with the charming, white officer, Captain Jaggery. So Zachariah is rejected by Charlotte because he is black.

Race played a large role upon the 1800's

Explanation 2It says that charlotte thinks that Zachariah is black and below her. Therefor they could never be friends, and she could not trust him as her father would not approve trusting a black. She trust the captain as he is a white officer, not a black cook and inferior. So Zachariah trying to make friends with her again makes her even angrier than ever at him as she believes he is lying to become friends with him. So Zachariah is again rejected as he is black.

The True Confessions of Charlotte DoyleBy Avi

PresentationBy Dylan Estes

Quote 2”Never had I met with such impertinence! That this Zachariah, my inferior, a cook, should tell such a slanderous tale of violence and cruelty regarding Captain Jaggery – to me – as thought it were a confidence – was deeply mortifying. I would not, could not believe it!” (5.1)

Even cartoons are racist

Quote"’Ah, but you and I have much in common.’‘I don't think so.’‘But we do. Miss Doyle is so young! I am so old! Surely there is something similar in that. And you, the sole girl, and I, the one black, are special on this ship. In short we begin with two things in common, enough to begin a friendship.’" (2.78-2.80)


“Though he's a free man, Zachariah's race still prevents him from receiving fair treatment.”

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Quote 3’Mr. Hollybrass turned Zachariah so that he faced into the shrouds, then climbed up into these shrouds and with a piece of rope bound his hands, pulling him so that the old man was all but hanging from his wrists, just supporting himself on the tips of his bare toes.Zachariah uttered no sound.I turned to look at Captain Jaggery. Only then did I see that he had a whip in his hands, its four strands twitching like the tail of an angry cat. Where he got it I don't know.’ (11.27-11.29)

Zachariah was nervous as he was black meaning he could be beaten for standing up for himself as the captain is a white officer. Zachariah has less rights, so standing up for himself could be fatal as he would be standing up for a white officer not only of a different race, but higher up in society. Jaggery was happy to whip Zachariah because he could not have a charge against him and he is the one that the court would not listen to. His rights are slim to none in court, showing my claim, is accurate.


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