[2015] sherrie sotelo (Prior Block 3/4 14-15, All Blocks 14-15): Charlotte Doyle

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[2015] sherrie sotelo (Prior Block 3/4 14-15, All Blocks 14-15): Charlotte Doyle

Charlotte did not like that Zachariah a man who was lower than her told her such an atrocious story. Charlotte did not want to believe what he said since Captain Jaggery had seemed like a dreadful man. Charlotte since she was such a spoiled brat with no limit in what she do could. Charlotte felt if as she was entitled to control Zachariah since he was her lower. This ties in with my claim because Zachariah’s appearance wasn’t the same thing she was wearing. Therefore she didn’t respect him as much. What she didn’t know was that she was in a big feud between crew and captain.

“ ’We settled into the family carriage. ‘Why is Charlotte's dress so tattered?’ Evelina asked. ‘It was a difficult voyage, dearest,’ my mother answered for me. ‘And her gloves are so dirty,’ Albert chimed in. ‘Albert!’ Papa reproved him. But then, after we'd gone on apace in silence, my mother said, ‘Charlotte, your face is so very brown.’’ (22.40-22.45)

”The man before me was not the same Captain Andrew Jaggery I'd seen on the quarterdeck the first day we sailed. True, he still wore his fine clothes, but the jacket was soiled and showed any number of rips. A cuff was frayed, a button gone. Small points perhaps, but not for a man of his fastidiousness. And the whip mark, though no longer so pronounced, had become a thin white line – like a persistent, painful memory.” (16.47)

By: Shay Sotelo

”Never had I met with such impertinence! That this Zachariah, my inferior, a cook, should tell such a slanderous tale of violence and cruelty regarding Captain Jaggery to me – as though it were a confidence – was deeply mortifying. I would not, could not believe it.” (5.1)


The True confessions ofCharlotte Doyle

A person's physical appearance can tells us many things, but it's only a person's actions that reveal his or her character.

What Charlotte is seeing now, is not the Captain Jaggery she saw in the beginning. Since Charlotte always saw Captain Jaggery as a gentleman and now Charlotte sees him as a rude and mean person. Charlotte only thought he was a gentleman because he of how he looked, for example how he wore nice fine clothes, or how he acted like he was nice and kind to charlotte by when he first had her aboard the ship, he kissed her hand. Charlotte had seen the inside of Captain Jaggery. Charlotte has been seeing Captain as a leader, as shown in the book she said “You remind me of my father” she stated. But now that Charlotte has seen Captain Jaggery and how mean Captain Jaggery is. As by Captain Jaggery getting the scar on his face revealed him.

Charlotte’s family is seeing a different Charlotte. They are used to seeing her with her skin pale and nice clothes. Now that her family is seeing her like a sailor they are asking her what happened on the ship. Her family acts as if it is something that they don’t understand. Only since they don't understand. Charlotte appears to them as a girl who who isn't acting as she should, which is being proper and thinking very highly of herself, As you see Charlotte’s Mother asked Charlotte why her face is so brown, because back then women and girls had their faces very pale, because it was a sign of their class.