[2015] Eva Grein (Prior Block 3/4 14-15, All Blocks 14-15): Charlotte Doyle

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[2015] Eva Grein (Prior Block 3/4 14-15, All Blocks 14-15): Charlotte Doyle

The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle


This quote says that by Charlotte acting like a boy means she must be called a boy. For instance, Captain Jaggery is the only one calling her Mister Doyle instead of Miss Doyle. He even takes away her belongings and placed her in the forecastle with the crew. The captain truly thinks Charlotte is sticking with her idea of being a boy. Jaggery wants to challenge Charlotte to see if she can work with crew as a boy. This means that she is not allowed to visit the him anymore, live in her cabin or dress like a girl. Captain Jaggery can hurt her, or even kill her if she doesn't follow all the laws of a seaman. Charlotte could get seriously hurt if any of her shipmates turn on her, too. Things are changed upon the ship when she decides to work as a boy.

This quote shows that the crew still respects Charlotte as a girl. They let her have her own private corner of the forecastle, where all the other sailors sleep out in the open. The crew thinks she needs a place she can relax without any interruptions, like her own home. They also think that Charlotte needs a break from all the hard work the captain is making her do. Charlotte thinks that since she is a girl she gets privacy, while the crew does not get any. It seems as if the crew wants her to be happy on the ship even when theres storms or mutiny. Therefore, the others care for Charlotte more than any of the sailors on the ship. They’re trying to make Charlotte feel as if she can trust them more then the captain, no matter what happens. She is breaking out of her gender more and more as the crew opens up to her.

This quote shows that Charlotte wants to be equal to a man with years of sailing experience. She says she wants to be a replacement for Mr.Johnson and the others say she can’t because she is a girl. Foley says just because she wears different clothes and works like a sailor doesn't mean she can be one. Grimes says since Charlotte was raised in a wealthy family as a gentlewoman she can't do any dirty work. They both agree that being a girl means that you are not allowed to work or even be out in the sun. They think she is useless to them other than educating the crew. Therefore, she is likely to be blamed for telling the captain about the crews actions if she acts suspicious or nosy. The others believe Charlotte will change the ships ways if she joins the crew.

By Avi

By Eva Grein

“By changing her gender, Charlotte paves the way for radical shifts aboard the ship.”

”I was given a hammock placed in a corner. Around this a piece of torn sail was tacked up as a kind of curtain. The space was private for me, and kept that way.” (14.28)

”’I do mean it,’ I said, finding boldness with repetition, ‘I want to be the replacement for Mr. Johnson.’ ‘You're a girl,’ Dillingham spat out contemptuously. ‘A pretty girl,’ Foley put in. It was not meant as a compliment. ‘Takes more than canvas britches to hide that.’ ‘And a gentlewoman,’ was Grimes's addition, as though that was the final evidence of my essential uselessness.” (13.3-13.6)

”The captain turned to the first mate. ‘Mr. Hollybrass, remove Miss Doyle's belongings from her cabin. Let her take her place in the forecastle with the crew. Put her down as Mister Doyle and list Miss Doyle in the log as lost. From this point on I expect to see that he works with the rest.’” (14.19)





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