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Charlotte Danielson

- Attended Cornell University, majoring in history with a specialization in Chinese- Master's degree from Oxford University in philosophy, politics, and economics- Master's degree from Rutgers University in Educational Supervision and Administration

Enhancing Professional Practice: a Framework for Teaching, 2007Enhancing Student Achievement: a Framework for School Improvement, 2002Teacher Leadership that Strengthens the Profession, 2006,Talk About Teaching! Conducting Professional Conversations, 2009

- Research based set of components of instruction- Aligned to InTASC standards- Grounded in a Constructivitst view of teaching and learning- Each component defines a distinct aspect of a domain- Levels of teaching performance (rubrics)describe each component- Mentoring, coaching, professional development, teacher evaluations

Charlotte Danielson

"A commitment to professional learning is important, not just because teaching is of poor quality and must be fixed, but rather because teaching is so hard that we can always improve it. No matter how good a lesson is, we can always make it better. Just as in other professions, every teacher has the responsibility to be involved in a career- long quest to improve practice.

The Danielson Framework

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