Charlie's Lightning Glog

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Earth Sciences

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Charlie's Lightning Glog

Lightning by Charlie Twist

Why is Lightning important

Why is lightning important? What do you think is more intersting, a rock, or a giant bolt of yellow lines striking down to earth. Also, Scientists like to study many things. And lightning is one of the scientific research in the top 100 most studied

Ben's Theory

Benjamin Franklin's Theory: When lightning stikes the kite, it moves to the rope. Then the rope stikes the hand. Which paralyzed Ben's hand. Though the lightning didn't effect the top of the kite it struck every other part.

Fun Facts!

Did you know that lightning is hotter than the sun?Did you know that there are more than 1 type of lightning?

When lightning strikes an object If lightning ever strikes and object, The bolt set's a fire on the object, it could also pierce and damage the object along with 3rd degree fire.

Where does lightning come from? It comes from the ground

Lightning spanLasts: 1-10 SecondsWhen striking usually flashes white then dissapears



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