Charlie Ruland wind energy

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Charlie Ruland wind energy

Wind is "air in motion." I chose wind because we live on the Chesepeake Bay and I sail alot so I can see how powerful the wind is.

The benefits of wind are 1) it doesn't cause pollution.2) it is a renewable way to generate electricity.

In the future when we run out of fossil fuels and coal we will still have wind energy to create electricity. Maryland law requires utilities to get 20% of their power from renewable sources like wind turbines by 2022.

Wind is important to us because we have it in our Chesapeake Bay region, but it is underused.

Wind is used in wind turbines, wind mills,and sailboats.Most wind turbines are in California because it is windy there .

One single wind turbine can generate enough electricity to power a whole school or house.

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All About Wind Energy

Governor O'Malley wants to place industrial scale wind farms off the Maryland coast similar to the ones shown in this photo.

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