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Charlie Chaplin

Charlie Chaplinand the McCarthyism

Charlie Chaplin is a very-known british actor and realisator, born in 1889 and dead in 1977. During 65 years of acting, he played in more than 80 films. He was a big figure of the mute cinema.

During the McCarthyism era, Chaplin has been accused of "un-American activities" and was suspected of being a communist. J. Edgar Hoover has even tried to stop his living in the United-States. The pressure of the FBI on Chaplin didn't stop growing, and reached a critical level in the late 1940', since he has been threatened to be called as a witness for hearings. But this have been never done.

After that, Chaplin decided not to go back in the United-States. He has written a letter to explain this.Chaplin settled in Vevey, in Switzerland.Nevermind, he came back to the United-States triumphantly in April 1972, to receive an Oscar. He has been warmly welcomed.



Later, in 1952, Chaplin left briefly the United-States to go to the premiere of "Limelight" in United-Kingdom. But Hoover got wind of this trip, and he negociated with the Immigration and Naturalization services for Chaplin's re-entry permit to be rewoke.


In the scene of the globe scene of "The Great Dictator",we can see Charlie Chaplin in the role of Hitler. He denounce the craziness and power that the nazis believe they have, since he is playing with the globe, by saying, "My World"


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