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Charlie Chaplin

Chaplin had a troubled childhood because his father left shortly after he is born. He was raised by his mother who was a performer.Chaplin was discovered by a hollywood director when he was on tour with a pantomine group.Once Chaplin made the character Little Tramp, he made many good silent films using the slapstick style of comedy.Using this he made a million dollars per year!Some of his earlier films are "The Kid","A Women Of Paris", "Gold Rush" and "The Circus".Later he made "The Great Dictator" which satirised Adolf Hitler.


1889 - Born1908 - Hired by a pantomine group1914 - First film1918 -Million dollors1919-United Artists 1966 - Retired 1977- Died

Chaplin co-founded the United Artists Company.Chaplin wrote, directed, produced, edited, starred in, and composed music for all his films.Chaplin got three Honorary Awards from Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science.

Lasting Impact

Charlie Chaplin was a slapstick comedian who was a silent film star.


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Charlie Chaplin





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