Charley and Bernard

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Charley and Bernard

Charley is mainly characterized by his modesty. He is sucessful therefore he has no need of creating illusions of himself as his next door neighbor, Willy Loman does. Throughout, the play Charley serves as Willy's voise of logic and sense. He guides Willy to leave his job as a salesman that is in reality leading him no where and join him so he may settle in a more comfortable enviroment. Charley, is a sensible man he understand his friend is wasting away and attempts to help him yet this supoport he so kindly grants is not taken willingly. As his father, Bernard is kind-hearted and down to Earth. He knows exactly who he is and what got him to be that person, cauisng no self-delusion within him. Bernard also plays a voice of reason throughout the play but towards Biff. Bernard urges Biff to study and apply himself in school and is constantly reminding him of the importance of doing well academically yet Biff will not have it. Both father and son are put down by the Lomans. Bernard is called a nerd while Charley is criticized by his disinterest in popularity. However, such actions guide them into prosperity, such triumph the Lomans never reach.


Charley is mainly characterized by his humility and down to Earth personality. Unlike Willy, he is aware of who he is, what he can be and what he is not. Bernard is like his father, humility and hard work allow him to achieve ultimate success. Bernard does not exagerrate his success once he attains such nor he lives to highlight his importance. It is just there, plainly open to see.

Humility is said to be a modest view of one's own importance. This humbleness and hardwork are what lead Charley and Bernard to prosperity. They are not blinded by what can be, rather their feet are well planted in the ground allowing them to use what they have and move forward. Being detained in the pass can be dangerous especially for those whose prides detain them from mending their mistakes. Humilty makes both Charley and Bernard's character simply because they understand life is not about being handsome, well-liked or rich, rather growing and expanding yourself into an image of happiness and achievement that suits us best.

"No man only needs a little salary." This quotes stated by Charley refers to not only Willy's never ending for money want but our needs as humans as well.Charley is aware that Will'y's needfor wealth is not only to pay bills or finish his mortgage but because it signified his personal sucesss. Without income, Willy suffered through low self-esteem and believed himself to be a failture of a man. In Willy's mind, no materialsitic prosperity equaled the greatest possible defeat. "The only thing you got in this world is what you can sell. And the funny thing is that you are a salesman, and you don't know that." Charley makes reference to the fact Willy cannot sell his memories and experiences. The only thing he can possibly make an income of is his products not the contributions he has made to the naming of his son's boss. Charley can be considered a realist at this point while Willy simply adreamer. "But Willy, its better for a man just to walk away"Bernard suggests to Willy that he must cut his loses and walk away from what harms him in this case his job as a salesman. A job that provides him with nothing more that stress and humiliation. This portrays Bernard's character because he would likely follow his own advice if he were in Willy's shoes. Bernard would cast aside the chains that bid him to mediocred job and head towards a more different path. Something in the end Willy is not able to do.

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The song "Hall of Fame", by the Script featuring signifies our ability to be anything we wish aslong as the proper determination is set into place. Bernard could have easily grown discouraged by Willy's cruel words that illustatred him as a nothing more than a "nerd". He could have continued to idolize Biff by following his footsteps into the void yet this was not the case. "Don't wait for luck. Dedicate yourself and you can find yourself." Bernard did not wait for good fortune something the Lomans trully believed would help them flourish. He applied himself into his school work as he should and took responsibility for his grades. In the end Bernard found himself and thrived with his profession as a lawyer.

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Hall of Fame- The Script Feat.

Charley & Bernard

By: Neida Rios Period: 1

The Death of a Salesman By: Arthur Miller


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