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Charles V

Charles V, a great king and brave warrior, conquered many civilizations during his lifetime and these are some of his great accomplishments. King Philip I, Charles' V father, died in 1506 six years after Charles was born. At the time Philip had the throne of the Netherlands, but then Charles V inherited it with his mother at the age of six. In 1516 Joanna, Charles' mother, became the Queen of Spain and Charles left the Netherlands to become the King of Spain with his mother, since his mother didn't re-marry.

Charles V

Born in Ghent, Belgium, Februrary 24, 1550Died in Monastery of Yuste, Spain, September 21, 1558


"My cousin Francis and I are in perfect accord, he wants Milan and so do I." -Charles V



Charles V had many great accomplishments while he was king, but the biggest was the re-capture of Milan in 1522. His cousin Francis helped him capture the territory which gave Spain great power. Charles V had his first son in 1527 and named it Philip II after his father Philip I. Charles left a great empire behind when he died. He had a lasting footprint on Europe in the Renissance and it continues to inspire people today.



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