Charles V

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Charles V

Charles V

Education:As a child, Charles received most of his education from Pope Adrian VI of Utrecht, and William de Croy.He spoke French, Spanish, Italian and German and Dutch.

Charles inherited alot of the countries becuase he was the successor due to his parents (Philip I of Castile and Joanna of Castile).

Charles V retired being king of the Holy Roman Empire to brother Ferdinand I, and he gave his thrown to Spain up to his son Phillip II in 1556.

Charles' empire included Austria, Spain, Bohemia, Holy Roman Empire, Netherlands, Spanish America, and parts of Italy.

Charles V started his reign very early, when he was just 15 he got his power to Germany, and even later on in his reign he became the King of Spain, Naples and Sicily, Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, ruler of Flanders, the Netherlands and areas in central and south america.

I created the first professional army in Europe.

Born: February 24, 1500 in Ghent, BelgiumDied: September 21, 1558 in Yuste, SpainCountry of Origin: Belgium.

Why was he important?He is most known for rulling over half of Europe and for his famous victory at the Battle of Pavia. In this battle he defeated his long time enemy Francis I and gained power of France, but only resulting for Francis I to go and start the Ottoman-Turk. Leading to the wars with Charles' Empire and the Ottoman Empire.

His empire was so large that it became known as "the empire with the sun that never set," what that means is that he had control over so many countries and regions that at least one of them had daylight at all times.

What was his contribution?He was one of the many to preside the conquest to the New World, and he had a 40 year old reighn in the largest empire in European History.

Fun FactsHe married Isabella of Portugal in 1525, and together they had 7 children: Philip II of Spain, Maria of Spain, Isabella of Spain, Ferdinand of Spain, Joan of Spain, John of Spain and Ferdinand of Spain.He was the nephew of Henry VIII.He was involved in 4 wars with France, all with Francis I in 1521, in 1527 and 1535, and then with Francis’ son Henry II in 1551

He was the heir of three powerful dynasties the House of Habsburg, the House of Valois-Burgundy and the House of Trastámara.

Health:He, like Henry VIII later in their lives they was in a special wheelchair, this was due to their gout, he also was an epiletic.He also suffered from an enlarged jaw (effect of inbreeding), this jawline became known as the Hasburg Jawline.

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