Charles The First

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Charles The First

Although King Charles was not a good monarch he left behind an important legacy for England. King Charles was very power hungry and insisted on ruling on his own without a Parliament. When he was on his own he had too much power and was unfair ruler. After King Charles was in power England become more democratic. Most of the power given to the monarch was given instead to Parliament. Charles I was England’s last absolute monarchy.

Charles The First

King Charles and Parliament did not get along from the very start of his reign. Since he believed strongly in Divine Right, he dissolved parliament several times before calling them back because he needed funds. Once, he ruled without them for 10 years. He also dismissed this parliament and even imprisoned some of his leading opponents so that he could rule completely on his own.

When he was young, Charles suffered from weak ankle joints. This delayed his growth and learning to speak and developed a permanent stutter. Despite his setbacks he was a great student who excelled at languages, rhetoric and theology. He could speak; French, Flemish, Spanish and German.made him very weak. He was not expected to live past childhood. He also also was slow

In 1628 King Charles agreed to sign the Petition of Right. The petition installed four principals; no taxation without Parliament’s consent, no quartering of soldiers in private houses, no imprisonment without cause and martial law cannot be used in times of peace. Although King Charles signed the Petition he did not follow it, which led to even more problems with parliament.


The struggle for power between King and Parliament continued until 1642 when war was declared. In 1647, the King was captured and executed by a leader of parliament's side, Oliver Cromwell. Charles I became the first king to be executed by his ow people.

Lasting Impact

King vs. parliament


Childhood and Education



Petition of Rights

Civil War

1600- born1625- marries Henrietta Maria of France, a catholic1626- crowned1629- disbands parliment until 16401633- Charles wants al churches decorated, this reminds the people of the catholics1637- new English Prayer book1640- Civil War begins1949- beheaded


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